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Prociono, version 2.1.1 by chemoelectric Prociono, version 2.1.1 by chemoelectric
(To get the font, click (probably above and to the left) where it says 'Download'.)

This is version 2.1.1, which fixes two bugs in version 2.0. Bug number one was absence of the sharp s and the o-slash; these have been added with help from Jos Buivenga (whose fonts you should download: [link]). Bug number two was my failure to adjust the st and ct ligatures to the new, tighter spacing.

(There was briefly a version 2.1 with a revised E, but I quickly decided to back out of that revision. I hope I deleted the deviation before anyone could download it.)

Notes for version 2.0 (which has been deleted, don't bother looking for it):

A significantly revised version of my Prociono font. Now it is (in my opinion) good enough for me to use it in making one of my e-books.

The biggest changes were in the 'a', 'u', and 'd'. I made the 'f' more playful, and created matching f-ligatures. The 'u' and 'h' are widened. Hinting has been more skillfully done, for better rendering in Adobe Reader; also, the crossbars of the 'f' and 't' have been made more rectangular, also for better rendering. Many curved outline sections have been made straight. Spacing has been tightened, and kerning is now class-based. Maybe there are other changes, too; I don't remember right now.

Oh, yeah, there's this: The 'ct' ligature and a few other glyphs, which do not have standard Unicode values, no longer are accessible (unless you are a font wizard) except by turning on an OpenType feature (for which you need OpenType-friendly software such as Adobe Creative Suite). This is how Adobe and other foundries are doing things these days. Oh, also I have added an "all caps" feature named 'CAPS', but for now it only works with the 26 unaccented letters A-Z; this feature is mainly for my own use in spacing and kerning of capital letters.

The previous version was "copylefted", but I am putting this version into the public domain. It's use is unrestricted, and you can make derivative works and do what you like with them.

"Prociono" (pro-tsee-O-no) is an Esperanto word meaning either "raccoon" or the star Procyon.
Papillonbleu Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2007  Hobbyist Photographer
for sure, that the artist appreciate what he does is important :)
it's still an amazing photo, very emotive and the model is such pretty
chemoelectric Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2007
Now that I think about it, I might have started to subscribe to, where I got this particular photo, when I saw fontplayer use a different photo with the same model. I don't think I've used any with her before.
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October 14, 2007
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