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Bauhaus 2009

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 22, 2009, 1:54 AM
In case one is interested in the goings-on at the Bauhaus in 2009, behold a recent paper by an e-acquaintance:

Oh, yes, it is true, all that ‘quantum non-locality’ stuff is bogus. It is based on a silly mathematical error and is sustained by an incestuous publication and citation system and by ‘scientists’ who are not practical people, but lovers of mystery. Notice, in television documentaries, how their eyes light up as they babble stuff that sounds like New Age talk, and wonder how we got here from a past in which physics was done by practical folk such as Benjamin Franklin.

I suggest you don’t invest in quantum cryptography.

BTW the same e-acquaintance has shown that the problem which Einstein solved with his special theory of relativity also can be solved in a way that involves no ‘twin paradox’. Both solutions look mathematically correct to me, so it is an empirical question which, if either, is correct. Experiments done so far (of the atomic clocks on airplanes sort) have been subject to criticism, but I do not know enough to have my own opinion.

I sure hope there is no ‘twin paradox’.

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September 22, 2009