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Free Font Index 2

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 15, 2009, 3:12 PM
I guess my fonts are going to be in the book Free Font Index 2. I gave them what were the current versions, except I re-licensed Bonveno MIT-style for simplicity. I haven’t made that change here, yet. (Does anyone use Bonveno? I did only briefly.)

I’ve converted the Sorts Mill Goudy roman to the conventional PostScript settings of 1000 units per em, but not the italic. The disc that comes with the book will have the 2048 units per em versions, therefore. Meh, they likely would be better for printing -- but I got tired of tilting at windmills, and thus the conversion to 1000. Even Adobe Reader 9 had trouble with 2048 units, albeit a minor trouble: making the selection area a little too big to the right, when using the selection tool.

(2048 or 4096 is conventional for TrueType, but if you want to make both PostScript and TrueType from the same source you have a round-off problem, and so it’s better not to re-scale for the TrueType. I’ve tried it and, at least in FontForge, re-scaling from 1000 to a power of two produces disaster.)

  *  *  *

I wish I could make fonts more quickly and that I could draw designs with a pencil. Just in the area of ‘revivals’ I’d like to do a Janson/Kis and a Garamond/Jannon and so on, and I am impatient because I feel as if my life is whizzing by. But it’s really good that I can make fonts at all. It’s physically painful, and also I have great difficulty sustaining interest. Right now I am mostly managing anxiety of the future obsoletion of Python 2.x by prematurely trying to make my little programs work with Python 3.x, when there is not yet the library support. It’s a software-writing analog of the obsessive-compulsive symptom known as ‘hoarding’, wherein one obtains and keeps a great quantitive of items ‘just in case’. (For example of hoarding, I have a couple of centuries’ supply of Yamaha recorder cream that I very seldom dip into at all, and it takes only a tiny dab of the stuff at one time.)

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Submitted on
November 15, 2009