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I hate ClearType

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 22, 2009, 11:18 PM
Is there some way to substitute a decent font renderer in XP for ClearType, which sucks for everything that isn’t specially designed for it?

A good start is to use Apple Safari for browsing, because it uses a decent font renderer. Actually quite nice. (I had to set by hand for LCD flat panel, though, in my VirtualBox for running XP as a guest OS on top of Gentoo.)

This is not just that I am used to one or another system; I have always hated pixel fonts, and what Microsoft tries to do is make a vector font look like a pixel font. There is hardly any point in playing with fonts, under those conditions.

(On fontconfig/freetype I set hinting level to ‘slight’, and the results are mixed. Normally I have designed fonts around the rendering in Adobe Reader, which is another thing besides.)

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