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Journal Entry: Tue Apr 13, 2010, 10:34 PM
1. I shall soon have new hardware. Eight cores of AMD64 goodness. 8GB memory, hopefully sufficient. It will have Ubuntu running when it arrives, which may have me functional quickly; anyway, having played with Ubuntu in advance, I know it is sufficient for getting my current Gentoo stuff copied over and running, which I probably ought to do. However, I am sick of how Gentoo has stagnated, particularly on the AMD64, where the situation is bad. I have already begun making an Exherbo installation to replace Gentoo.

I've started my own little package repository already:…

2. I thought about reporting my concerns about fontconfig to the developers, but just looking through their Bugzilla repositories dashed my hopes again. Where I popped in, they talk about providing tests for free software font developers to test their font-naming to make sure it will function properly with their demented software. I want to create a replacement, but my painful hands, my painful hands, .... Also my difficulty staying focused.

3. I hope to get Sorts Mill Kis in a releasable state one day. If you have a browser with TrueType webfont support, here's a look:…
If it looks crappy in Firefox on Windows, try Safari with Apple's rendering turned on. IMO freetype rendering (Linux et al.) with the right settings is better still.

These are actually PostScript-flavored fonts. The TrueType versions have visible round-off errors that probably won't make a difference for on-screen use. I want the on-screen fonts to be very useful. Soon I will get to see if Windows 7 rendering is adequate.

4. These are too many things.

Hjoranna Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2010
Wow, a fellow geek on :devart:, I am drooling over your new box!

Gentoo was always a bit hardcore for me, I like Ubuntu although I usually use Xubuntu because the laptop I have it on is a little old.

Oh and #3 looks great in FF on Win7, I'm too lazy to check to go to my Mac to look. :-)
chemoelectric Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2010
BTW you don't need a Mac; Safari for Windows can be told to use Apple's renderer instead of Cleartype.
chemoelectric Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2010
I don't like Ubuntu because it doesn't let me install more than one thing at a time. I guess that's inherited from Debian. Fortunately it doesn't take long to install binaries, or it would be a screaming-at-my-screen situation, instead of grumbling-at-my-screen. I mean, even Windows can install more than one thing at a time! OTOH, on Windows even installing binaries takes forever. :) Ubuntu won't even let me run two installation programs at the same time (with some limited exceptions I came across).

I'd probably have ended up a Debian user except it wasn't popular yet. I ended up with Slackware, which I wouldn't recommend except as a starting point for customizing one's own system.

The new hardware arrived Friday. I'm waiting for a Gentoo kernel to be compiled. My first attempt to boot into Gentoo, unsurprisingly, failed. Configuring a new kernel is shockingly tedious and I don't enjoy it. Maybe I should use Gentoo's "genkernel" program, which is mainly for wimps. :) I did like how Ubuntu had no problem figuring out how to configure a kernel and boot-up when I installed the root filesystem on an LVM volume; but there is overhead involved in that.

I took a look at #3 in FF on Win7 and found it acceptable, and probably more legible than freetype, at the expense of a few oddly placed pixels. But also I have 1920x1200 now instead of 1200x1024 like on my older system.

I'm really a fan of acroread's renderer for PostScript-flavored fonts, although it is unforgiving towards bad hinting (including some Adobe fonts). PostScript hinting is a lot easier than TrueType, however. I really wish acroread were free software (not just freeware).
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April 13, 2010